Build your own tour


Maybe you want more varied riding. a longer trip, access to great leader discounts or a mix of both of the tours we have put together here. Its your choice.

What to do

Get yourself and 5 friends together and start to plan, we can help with the platform to do this on so that you can be in different parts of the world. Start by researching what kind of trip you want and where you want to go

What do you pay

We keep things simple its still the same price per bike per day. You take care of the fuel, food and accommodation to fit your budget. Trips are a minimum of 5 days with no maximum, cross border trips can also be included in these tours.

Bike deposit is £500
Bike Costs £60 a day

You pay a share of the food and accommodation and put in your own fuel.

Ideas of places to go

Kruger National Park
Little and greater Karoo’s
Okavango delta
Victoria Falls
Fish Hook Canyon
Skeleton Coast
Lake Malawi

Each day of riding we try to fit at least one activity into the trip, but this is the build your own tour so you tell us

Explore the Cango caves, walk the Storms river suspension bridge, ride an Ostrich, paddle in a Kayak, enjoy sand boarding, touch the Elephants, be scared of bungee, climb on the Zip line, see the Sharks, watch the Whales and dolphins, jump out of a plane, get close to Lions and leopards, jump into the water while canyoning, enjoy a River cruise, try stand up paddling, play on the beach, fall into the sand, eat good dinner, have fun in a pub, see amazing sunsets, enjoy a sundowners, make new friends, learn about new cultures, shoot pictures, be surprised, share your memories, prepare yourself for more adventure – you want the adventure, you get it, come and ride with us!


Discover Africa by Motorbike

The Extreme Trip

A hard off road trip up the coast of West Africa, sand riding, gravel roads. This will make you fit in ten days.

We are still developing this route.

The South Coast Trip

On road visiting some of the places of interest along the South Coast of South Africa. finishing with gravel roads back towards Cape Town.

We are still developing this route.

The Best of the West

Mostly off road route up the West Coast, traversing through some of the natural parks and beautiful passes.

Build your own Trip

Yourself and five friends build a trip, combine parts of our other trips or go afresh.